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 The Lubbock Children's Health Clinic provides more than just medical services. We are a medical home where you and your child are at the center of care.



A medical home is having one place for all your child’s health care needs. The place where you usually take your child for health care can be your child’s medical home. But a medical home is more than just a place; it is how your child is cared for and makes sure all medical and non-medical needs of the patient are met.

In a Medical Home...

  • You and your child are at the center of care

  • Providers know your child and his/her unique health needs

  • You have a medical provider who helps you keep your child healthy

  • Care is focused on the whole child, not just one part or problem

  • The medical provider and staff include your family in making decisions about your child’s health care

What are the benefits?

  • Information can easily be shared between your medical provider and family

  • Mutual respect is built between health care providers and your family

  • Problems are caught early so visits to the emergency room and hospital are reduced

  • This helps lower family stress, health care costs, and the number of days missed at school and work


You are valued and treated as the expert on your child.

You are treated as a central member of your child’s health care team.

You and your child’s medical provider share respect and trust.

Your culture and religious beliefs are valued. Your preferences for treatment and care are met when possible.

Your medical provider partners with you and your child, office staff and others to learn about and meet your child’s medical and other needs.

Your child receives his or her immunizations/shots, well child visits, and urgent care.

You and your child’s medical provider share respect and trust.

Your child’s medical provider provides helpful information to other people on the care team and helps manage your child’s care.

If your child gets sick or has a special health care need, you feel supported.  You are given information to help you learn about your child’s ongoing health concerns, including parent to parent support.

You and your child’s medical provider share respect and trust.

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