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Lubbock Children’s Health Clinic is committed to serving children in Lubbock, TX and our surrounding communities. Our goal is to provide quality and accessible pediatric health care to our patients and their families.


Known as the Lubbock Children's Health Clinic today, the clinic began in 1939 as the Well Baby Clinic, a project of Junior League. The clinic was established to provide well baby care to small children. Over the years the scope of services has expanded to meet the growing needs of the Lubbock Community. As new or unmet needs arise, Lubbock Children's Health Clinic will strive to meet those needs as best we can. Community partners such as Lubbock Area United Way, Covenant Health Systems, University Medical Center Health System, Texas Tech Health Science Center (TTUHSC) Pediatric Department, and local foundations have enabled Lubbock Children's Health Clinic to continue to serve the children and families of the community.


The Mission of Lubbock Children’s Health Clinic is to provide quality, comprehensive primary health care to the medically underserved children of Lubbock and the surrounding communities without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, or parent ability to pay.


Lubbock Children’s Health Clinic is committed to the core

values of Dignity, Respect, and Service and strives to uphold these values in all our relationships.

Racial Equality Statement

Black lives matter to Lubbock Children's Health Clinic.

Black people have been discriminated against, disregarded, devalued, and targeted by our society. At Lubbock Children's Health Clinic, we share a proud history of service and inclusion.

For over 80 years we have never turned away a child because of the color of their skin.

Every black child, and every black child's family has mattered to us, they always will.

And as Lubbock Children's Health Clinic embarks on the next 80 years of service, we look forward to providing the very best health care to every black child that comes through our doors.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. -Martin Luther King Jr.

Children Embracing in Circle
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